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Thread: AFC here

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    tothem Guest

    Default AFC here

    I'm a dude from Brazil who's very excited about learning with this community.
    So,as you may think where I live it's a piece of pie to get some really bimbo one night girls on partys and etc,but the really "cool" girls are a pain in the ass to "get" - at least for me.
    I already read the mystery book but it was not that helpful...I currently only get this girls I talked about,I don't even have any female friends...
    I approach every pretty chick in a party,bar and etc (never in other places) but as a huge d1ck,this being one of my biggest problems.As a matter of fact approaching is really hard for me,it's doesn't make sense...
    Ah,as I said earlier I'm too fast with women in general (as in some places - like some partys - it would make you get like 20 bimbos in a matter of hours) and I also insist on some girls that are not interested on me (I discover that latter,some are just toying around and that's why sometimes I insist a bit).
    Ah...when I tried to focus on the target friends as mystery says (instead of the target) I'd make them attracted to me,not the target (that would be bored and split out a lot of IODs) or would simply fail...
    I'd like some tips and materials you think could help me (I'm finishing downloading Stealth Attraction).
    Ah..I'm also a periodic forum reader...
    Annnd..I'm not funny at all.Some basis on humor?What is funny for women?
    Thanks in advance!

    PS: I really need help.
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    Default Re: AFC here

    lol well welcome to the community. ill give you a great post tomorrow but its time to get some sleep.
    I live in my reality and you’re a guest

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    tothem Guest

    Default Re: AFC here

    Hey man,thanks a lot for your attention!!!!
    Ah,I finished downloading Stealth Attraction but I'm reading conquer your campus right now,as suggested by Bill Preston in one of his posts. kkk
    Before you think bad of me,I usually buy books only after having a "good taste of it".Pretty weird hum?
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    tothem Guest

    Default Re: AFC here

    Ok,soo I watched part 1 of the Stealth Attraction DVD,fast read the conquer your campus book and read some advices and etc here and in other sites.
    Tonight I'm going out with 2 friends and I'll report what happened here,so as to getting some advice.

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