Hi, I am new to this site. I want to make big changes to myself who I am and what I project to others,and what better way to do it.

A little background, i am just turned twenty and still a virgin. It sucks to think about it and realized how much time I've wasted, but it's something I am confident can be changed with practice and more self discovery.

Over the past several months I have realized one major thing that has caused my problems, everything is my fault and I suck for it. Before I was so close minded and miserable about everything. Any time I've ever talked to girls and blew up in my face I always thought it was their fault. My lack of friends I had at the time I blamed on others. I always looked at things negatively, I dressed worse than horrible, I used bodybuilding as my outlet for trying to get chicks thinking that was all I needed to be successful. I was just horrible in every sense of the word, still am but it's not doing as much damage as it once did.

My breaking point believe it or not was over time when I started smoking pot, it for some reason got me to think outside of the small window I viewed everything, more abstractly,not to accept people at face value. Things changed for me dramatically since then. First thing for me was to fix my stage presence. I went out and 'pimped' out my appearance. Got rid of the "flavor savor" on my chin among buying all new clothes (abercrombie, dkny, calvin klien, etc). Changed my views on some friends, others I dropped all together. My attitude flipped right around with all the changes I made to my appearance. I went as for as to making a journal (inspired by an inner game article) that is all about me analyzing myself and tearing myself apart as to what and why I have the weaknesses I do and what the solution is.

Now I have girls at work trying to pick me up, go with them to dinner, etc. I am the alpha male when in groups because of my presence I now give off. Other guys now also want to approach me to talk.

I still have one problem, because of my old mentality my game is no good, I just am terrible on picking up on signs among random confidence issues (aa and text game primarily). I need to skills which is why I am now here and this should conclude any of my major 'journy's.'

I'll stop now because I can rant all day about this.