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    hereforfun Guest

    Default where did i go wrong!?

    hey so a couple of weeks ago we had this huge university music festival called conception day and i was 1 of 5 guys at this pre party and there was about 12 girls, 8 of whom were above HB7

    i wasnt focusing on any girl in particular but we were having a conversation as a group and one girl said she was going to be sick so pulled me around the corner with her asking me to help her throw up :P

    after that she went home and i didnt see her for the rest of the day. the day after everyone from the party added everyone on facebook.

    i ask the vomiting girl if she was going to this young club in north sydney on the thursday afternoon, the club is big on a thursday night. she said i should come along to Club A but i was going to Club B. the conversation went as follows:

    me: hey are you going to north syd tonight?
    her: Sure am! but not Club B though will i be seeing you there? x
    me: Hmm I dunno I dont think im cool enough for Club A though :-( give me your number so I can decide later whether I will privelage you with my presence or not :-P
    her: Your defs cool enough check ur inbox re: number and ps u should come! x

    then in my inbox i get:
    My number is XXXXXX.. Haha don't want to post it on my wall- only special people get my number

    that night i said i wouldnt be able to go to Club A, because my friends didnt want to and i heard it was crap. she said that was a shame but to have a good night. 1 hr after that i got a msg from her saying she was coming to Club B. she came and we made out etc and she left and everything was cool.

    i had been giving her a lot of negs about how she went home early form the party and also alot of pull saying how pretty she looked when she came to club B.

    the following monday we met up after she finished work and it was going really well. she was laughing alot and playing with her hair, giving me tonnes of ioi's. we told eachother stories of ex bf/gf's and the people we have been with and everything, it was really laid back. she said "omg you keep giving me so much crap about being drunk" etc, but in a funny laughable way

    i drove her home, and before she left we got to 3rd base in my car, but she said she had to wake up early in the morning and i was making it really hard for her to leave.

    so today it is now friday, and we hadnt spoken since monday up until this morning. she said she went to Club A last night and i was at Club B, and told me that she had a confession - that she slept through her alarm on tuesday morning so she could have stayed in my car for longer. she seems not as interested as before but still asks me questions about what im up to today and all the rest of it. my final message to her was: "haha youre so smart. i think im just seeing my mate from europe and catching up with him. when are you gonna take me out next?

    and she hasnt replied after about 4 hrs. just wondering what i may have done to induce this lack of interest? also any pointers for future endeavours

    sorry for the massive wall of text. any help would be appreciated

    ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ _________________

    edit: she just replied saying: yay gotta love catchups! haha take you out? when did i become the boy? next week possibly.... fairly crazy busy until then!

    next week is return to university. we have been on 2 weeks holidays and we both go to the same uni.
    Last edited by hereforfun; 09-30-2010 at 11:18 PM. Reason: she replied back

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    fizzle Guest

    Default Re: where did i go wrong!?

    dude...dnt bring Ex's into the first date no matter what... trust me

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