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    hopeful84 Guest

    Default my disaster night out

    hello readers,

    okay lets start about me first, my name is hopeful84 and im from india, spend a long time in australia for studies and now have moved to the uae due to work commitments... m 26 nw,

    getting back to the point....
    so after a good night out partying i decided to come home and surf the net........... who am i kidding, i know my night out was without balls. let me explain.....

    my friend s and myself start the night out with some dinner and then go to 3 bars over the course of the night. everywhere i go i see chicks dancing, talking, flirting, giggling with other guys and/or their girlfriends......... ... i always ask myself y am i not the one with them. i guess i am a bit shy, so i pulled myself up and made a effort by trying to talk to a chick next to me...

    robocop was playing on main screen (dont asky why, it is a good bar trust me)
    me "hey you like robocop?"
    she "yeah i bhah blah bah" (too loud to hear her)
    me "cool, are you from here or travelling"
    she " i have lived here for six years"
    me "wow, it is a bit hot in this country" (i dont know why i said that, i was a litle nervous and felt like i shoud have an fast input)
    she "yeh but you get used to it" (then starting to look away)
    me (noticing she is looking away, i dont look in her eyes while saying this) "look, i m sorry, my name is ........ and i think you are beautiful so i thought i of talking to you." (kinda shy when saying this)
    she "my name is ........."
    small pause, making it awkward
    .................... .................... ....... i start thinking shit what do i do, what do i do? someone shoot me..... then my friend walk past pointing to the dance floor and i follow without turning back.,.....

    dance floor is usual.....i start slowly then i look at everyone thinking maybe they will judge me on how shitty i dance, and i just dance a bit and find a corner to go..... then i go the corner and just dance there and smoke my cigarretes.....(like i need them.....not....i know its an excuse to get off the dancefloor) i sukc at dancing. i can dance when with my friends but soon paranoia start to cloud in.

    me in my corner, not getting anywhere, see chicks walking past and i try to dance (still in my corner) trying to get their attention as they walk past, but poor me no joy, they just walk/dance past and some guy comes from no where and ends up dancing/grinding with the girls. boy do i hate this, or should i put it do i hate myself for not even being able to dance with the same attitude the other guy just pullled randomly and ended up dancing with 5 girls and making out with 2 of them while on the dance floor standing next to each other. OKAY my expectation is not that high but man where have my balls dissapeared to maybe atleast go close to a girl and start dancing with her or get her attention and get her to dance wtih me.....sigh

    NIGHT is over i get a cab, come home, wash my face and try to find solutions on the internet. I know in the end i got to pull myself up..... but my qyestion is WHY ME? (no i am not sucidle neither gay) so there is got to be some way to improve myself...... so please help me all you PUA's

    my first thread...(under the influence) but honest

    thank you,
    going to bed now.

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    Default Re: my disaster night out

    First let me get this straight - They have night clubs and girls dancing in UAE? In the muslim countries?

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    Default Re: my disaster night out

    UAE is a very liberal country by regional standards so yeah they do.

    Ok now to the point. You are a mess dude and that’s perefectly fine. But you need to know that no one on this site can fix you with just one post. Its going to take some time and lots of work. So I encourage you with this: First off good job nutting up and opening the girl you wanted to talk to. A+ for guts, but the reality is that you need more than just looks and openers you need confidence and you are lacking it terribly from this post. Do some reading on inner game, maybe take a look at unbreakable by the social man (helped me out tons) and also The Vibe by Bill Preston. Both will set you on a really good path to recovery.

    Good luck, let us know what you have questions

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: my disaster night out

    UAE is awesome, I really want to visit Qatar soon too, another liberalized nation there. Egypt is too, so long as you are non-Egyptian.

    Bro, you need to start from square one. I recommend a base program, or book, too work from. Style Life Challenge by Neil Strauss is very good, but I honestly think that How To Get a Girlfriend by Steve Nash (aka Playboy) is far better and more beneficial. HTGAG is a step by step type of program to work through that builds you from the ground up.

    You need to embark upon a journey of self development, and something like HTGAG will help, along with individual programs that deal with things like your inner game (confidence) like tcomea mentioned. I am getting pretty good with girls, and I continually find new things to improve on. For example, I am the worst dancer in the world. So I am taking salsa lessons (and lo and behold, there are a multitude of women in dance classes too!). Being a PUA or Social Man (what I strive for) is really self improving yourself to the point where you are the charismatic, ridiculously awesome, fun guy. And you've turned to the right place, because all the dudes here are all about giving each other advice on basically how to improve oneself when it all comes down to it.

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