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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: OK new into. 27 year old virgin needs SOCIAL HELP.

    And make sure that when you go to these gyms and stuff, you talk to people. I met some guy today, a year older than I, very socially inept - first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class he ever took. It seemed to be a good experience for him, although I beat the crap out of him in a sparring drill and ended his experience about 25 minutes early (I got sick of his whining, so I just went all out on him - if it hurts never whine - any fighter will have no problem pounding the whiny guy). And talk to people. He tried talking to me after and it got weird because he spoke so quietly, didn't look me in the eye, seemed nervous, and interrogated me - "So, where are you from? Yeah. Where o you live? Yeah." etc without even really listening to me or my replies. Kinda non-genuine. So when you go, just be social an not nervous. No one will judge you, seriously. Anyone who wants to be a fighter will find solace among the veterans, who ALWAYS want to help the new guys.

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    Grimbo Guest

    Default Re: OK new into. 27 year old virgin needs SOCIAL HELP.

    In general try and stick among your experience level. I am in between begginer and intermediate level in my striking. Just under expert in grappling. I go to muay thai sparring class, and I got stuck with our legit fighters. I still have a problem walking a month later...dont overstep your bounds

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    Angel902 Guest

    Default Re: OK new into. 27 year old virgin needs SOCIAL HELP.

    Agreed Chicks Dig it men not only with physical talent but bred confidence, that of a fighter.

    Sports, muy Thai ( at competitive level ) highly skillled, but damaging to body.

    I myself are Thai and have suffered two broken ribs, lower back and knee cartilage damage (age 18) now.

    So at age take into consideration also.

    wrestling and MMA BJJ a good shout.

    Like Grimbo says competitive sports MMA, BJJ are well rewarded

    and recognised within sports communities ( belive me you meet

    heaps of friends male and female)

    but by your piers and women.

    Big Shiny medals and cups are attracting no doubt. Brain + Braun

    On top of the physical aspects of sport it creates and inner peace

    and confidence. The better you get at something you enjoy the

    more of a charismatic awe you will have about you.

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    Angel902 Guest

    Default Re: OK new into. 27 year old virgin needs SOCIAL HELP.


    Also get the basics of your style and sport..


    "superior technique overcomes power"

    and practice makes perfect.

    learn from the hardest but the best.

    Actively seeking guidance from veteran fighters will also increase

    your status within a sporting community.

    Yes you may get a pounding but hell my friend You learn Faster.

    And shortcuts don't pay off. Train hard.

    Be the Best

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    Grimbo Guest

    Default Re: OK new into. 27 year old virgin needs SOCIAL HELP.

    An amateur practices until he can get it right, a professional practices until he can't get it wrong.

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    swohtx85 Guest

    Default Re: OK new into. 27 year old virgin needs SOCIAL HELP.

    I wouldn't join a mma gym unless that is really a part of you. Honestly, nothing could be more fake than a former church choir boy morphed into a hard core MMA fighter... Not that there's anything wrong with MMA fighting, but play the hand you were dealt. Here's what I would do if I were you. First of all 155 is a huge improvement, but I would hit the gym until you got something close to a six pack. I would diet religiously as well (I recommend staying with a no flour, sugar diet that's high in protein). This will give you all the confidence you need and girls more than likely will start approaching you (it worked for me). Then I would find a good trendy church and start attending. Reach out to the young people there...odds are in all honesty that you are probably at the same social level as a lot of them. This will put you at ease and allow you to make some friends. Some other things I would recommend it's making friends at work, or if there are not opportunities for that pick up a second job if you are really serious about changing your life. Find a fun restaurant or bar in a good size town and see if you can work there a night or two a week. If things don't work out, you'll can always quit because it's just a restaurant job. Get on the dating sites (POF, OK Cupid, etc.). Start communicating with any girls who you consider 5 and up. Say whatever you want to them at first, it really doesn't matter. You will probably get a lot of responses. I'm sure you probably already know this or will read this somewhere on the site, but never complement the girl on her looks. A good way to start a conversation is to look at her profile and find something interesting. For example if the girl says she loves to travel and just got back from Austrailia, message her and say something like "So you just got back from Austrailia, I bet that was fun! Where else have you traveled?". As dumb as this seems, it will work. Once she responds back you can tell her about your most recent adventure, lie if you have to...then eventually find a reason that you two just have to meet. Just talking to these girls will boost your confidence a bit. Hope that helps!

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