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    Default The metamorphosis

    Hello everybody my name is theSentinel. Like I told a friend of mine one day: “There is nothing else but the community” in other words the community has become my life for the past 2 years. What I meant by that is that once you have been exposed to the theory of the Game, unfortunately there is no turning back. You know too much… It’s like that same friend was telling me: “PUAs have this blank look in their eyes like they’ve seen it all and they’ve been through it all, it’s the hundred yard stare of the veterans who’ve experienced the battlefield, we are all emotionally scarred for life for all the times we’ve been rejected and all the abuse we’ve put our egos through”. Or like another PUA told me “We’ve taken the red pill and now we can see the Matrix”.

    Well more importantly when I say there is nothing else but the community, I mean that in no other context will you meet people who are so like minded and with whom you can relate so well. Think about it other clubs gather for reasons which are far less interesting, such as playing chess, collecting stamps, running etc. But we go straight to the heart of what really matters in life and for that reason the community has taken over my life.

    I was introduced to the Game by a natural friend of mine for whom, and we’ve all had such a friend, laying gurls was never a problem. In fact gurls seemed to be attracted to him instinctively like moths to a flame and he could just stand there and be his dumb self and the chicks would just swoon and patiently, like cattle, wait for their turn in line to get farked by him. Somehow I’ve had plenty of friends like him and his success, which we would refer to I now know as unconscious competence, would drive me sick with jealousy because until then I always had to struggle to get that kind of attention.

    Speaking of which let me make a quick observation about lessons learned from naturals:

    • They look good, of course its not easy to change the way you look, however everybody can work out and I don’t tolerate any excuses for not being in shape. If you want to win the game you have to stack the odds in your favor. I used to be a sloppy bastard, drinking smoking eating all kindsa fast food and guess what, it didn’t help. I realized how effective being in shape is when a close friend of mine and to some extent my mentor explained that gurls get turned on by looking at a man who works out. Basically take the effect that a banging hot chick has on us as she sways her hips as she’s walking and she’s got mile long legs and you can just picture yourself bending her over the kitchen table. Well the gurls experience the same kind of sexual feeling when they look at a well built male which is the reason why you owe it to yourself to be in shape and healthy. It’s basic inner game, spelled out in the core of any PUA literature: “always look and feel your best”.

    Anyways back to my story this natural friend of mine recommended I read “the Game” since it would help me out with girls. I dismissed his advice at first as a potential scam but eventually I became serious about it and thus began my adventure in the world of pick up.

    I’ve always wanted to be technical, the PUAs that I am most impressed with in the field are very technical. However the road to technicality would prove to be paved with hardships, and for one main reason: I did not have inner game. Now I know some of you loathe that word, and some argue that it is not necessary. But I’m a rationalist, and I cannot build a house from the top down, therefore until I had my inner demons tamed I would not improve. And that’s exactly what I did at first, me and my crew would get wasted then “lord” venues, escalate without calibration, experience some epic moments, generally have a great time, but our results were not consistent.

    I was however, blessed with the company of some very talented players, and as such I was exposed to a superior level of game.

    I then had some kind of epiphany, which turned my life around and brought on the true path to self improvement which the game can bring to your life. See one thing I like about the community is that not only does it get you laid, but it also puts you in a contact with a lot of material which is designed to teach you how to become a better person and get the most out of life.
    Ever since reading the game there was this great barrier that I was bumping against, Anthony Robbins might call it a conflict of value, which is the fact that before you can get consistent results in the field you have to get your life under control. In Sun Tzu’s Art of War its refered to as “don’t wage war unless your army is well organized”. And while I was partying hard and doing fast sexual escalation, I was breaking this basic rule because I was not always in control of the situation.

    Anyways fast forward to three months ago I started working very hard on my inner game. I wanted to “always look and feel my best” and “always be in control” which are two critical precepts of any pick up endeavor.

    As such I focused on my health, which was deteriorating thanks to years of abuse. I quit smoking, started eating healthy, stopped eating fast food and outside in general (what I refer to as “giving money to the Matrix” I’m a little bit of a survivalist and I’m all about self reliance and getting off the grid, but that’s another story) and started working out everyday. As far as that’s concerned, three month down the road I can tell you that my efforts have paid off. I’ve lost 13 pounds, have gained some rippling pect0rals, abs and biceps, am in the shape of my life and feel great.

    Furthermore I focused on planning my life better, and getting better organized in order to stop wasting time and money and transcend my farked up condition. You see when you are not in control of your life, all your actions result in sub optimal outcomes. As such I was stuck in a framework where I would get by with the bare minimum but I would never improve. My development curve was a horizontal line. I used one of Tony Robbins goal setting workshops (from Unlimited Power, referenced in the Game, I go about this by threading all the information referred to in the Game) to come up with a blueprint for success which would be my primary reference to track my progress against my goals. In that document I did my best to plan my life for the next ten years and so far I’ve been mostly sticking to the program.

    In the end the community has brought me the freedom to rethink my priorities and to become a more successful person.

    So what is there left to say? Well now that I have my inner game under control, I will be chronicling my progress here as to share my experience with the community and benefit from the feedback of other players. I look forward to sharing with you some fascinating field reports and to continue my journey into the game towards a very successful future for each and all of us.

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