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    olliebarrow Guest

    Default student wanting to be a teacher

    Hi there all.
    Through recantly coming out of a relationship and friends dragging me out to clubs and pubs iv recantly realised that theres people who have got the technique and those who havnt im currently reading "THE GAME" which has some stuff that just seems un real init. could someone please tell me where to go from here ?

    cheerse ollie

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    chulin Guest

    Default Re: student wanting to be a teacher

    hey man
    gettin out of a relationship could def hit u hard specailly if it was a LTR
    readin the book is a good step b4 anythin u have to better urself
    the advice i can give iz a lot of stuff in the book werks
    whenever u read sum try to think of the bigger pic
    wat the concept of a routine, technique, opener is
    n how n y it is done
    a lot of its common sense and things we should kno but dont seem to think of
    stay up man

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