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    Default NEW! Situation 2

    Another girl chatting with on Facebook. She likes me... fun back and forth... that's all. Want to step it up. Is she really interested? How do I know for sure?

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    Default Re: NEW! Situation 2

    Read up on IOIs (indicators of interest). There's a lot of material in the forum, articles, etc. Even mentioned in the classic PUA works, such as The Game.

    Many of these are for in person, though. Body language is much more a part of human communication than most people realize. facebook is a little harder, but not impossible, though if you ever see her out and about in person I'd trust those signals more than the textual ones.

    There are many IOIs, but some of the most basic obvious ones are stuff like: does she laugh at your jokes? Is she flirting? Has she alluded to spending time together in the future? Is she asking you about your interests?

    If so, go for it. There'll always be another facebook girl, so no harm in trying. I mean, it's best if you can seduce her to the point that she asks you out, but thats pretty advanced, and girls do also respect a guy who has the self confidence to just ask for what he wants (once she shows interest). if she's young and/or shy, the direct approach may be the only option anyway.

    If your really still not sure, post your conversation with her here and we'll try and help decode it.

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