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    Martano Guest

    Default So the Journey Begins..

    I just feel I need to get this off my chest guys. Just over a year ago I was going out with a girl who at the time I was completely blinded by. When I say blinded I mean madly in love with and would do anything for and I wouldn't even look at other girls. This is, as I now realise, an alarming way to be, but that was something that I couldnt help. Maybe it's because I couldn't realise.

    However we eventually broke up and I soon found out she was seeing one of my best friends. This literally ripped my entire being in half. I was completely crippled with depression and I woulnd't talk to people, wouldn't go out and became a hermit of sorts. I also failed my 3rd year of university as honestly I just gave up on everything in life. A truly terrible part of my life. However, eventually day by day I got a little bit better until around 8 months after those events I woke up one moring and just didn't feel the same. This was one of the most surreal feelings I have ever felt. I just knew that I was finally over her. It felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and someone had switched on a light in a black room. Such a euphoric and life changing moment.

    Since then I went on a bit of a bender of partying etc. As I was finally able to truly be myself. But after a while this wasn't enough and I wanted to improve upon every aspect of my life. I stumbled upon The Game - Neil Strauss and was intrugued by it but also wanted to find out if things went a bit deeper than described in the book. So I have been studying different materials from all different types of pua's.

    But it's not just the whole pick up thing I'm trying to incorporate into my life. I want to improve EVERY aspect that I can. I mean if you can get better then why the hell shouldn't I? I am now trying to truly reach my potential and grow as a person. Since then I've rejoined the gym and I am doing a demanding exercise programme, I'm getting my teeth bleached, I've went out and bought a complete new wardrobe, I've gone back to taking care of my appearance, I'm resitting university, I'm taking up new hobbies and interests and doing alot of reading.

    All in all the quality of my life is constantly improving and girls from my town have been really surprised as they hadn't seen me for a while. Surprised in a good way, 'oh I thought you were the quiet guy' (If they say this it's a personal favourite ioi i've got close to a 50% K-Close from that line). This post is my personal thanks to the community and the lessons in LIFE that it can provide and I hope that I continue down this path and be the best that I can be. So if you are feeling down and looking to get better with girls then you could do alot worse than to get better with yourself, be happy with yourself, know that you deserve the hot girls, the good job, the degree or whatever your specific target is. Because if you put the work in we will all get what we want, even if it takes time.

    All the best guys!!


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    Default Re: So the Journey Begins..

    Getting better with women is just one (critical) aspect of becoming the man you always wanted to be.

    See my blog post here:
    The Man You Always Wanted To Be*|*Bill Preston's Advice

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: So the Journey Begins..

    That's a great change Martano, I had something similar happen. About a year ago I was out of shape, uncool, in a real bad relationship, and was bored all the time. One day I saw a billboard in Boston that said simply "You're not bored, you're boring." It was an advertisement someone paid to put up, but they weren't advertising a product. It must have been someone like me today, because I'd like others to see that and get it into their heads as well, it's a great thing to mull over.

    Anyway, I eventually moved into an apartment with a bodybuilder. He thought I was real funny. This guy was a PUA in every sense of the word, women were all over him. He took me under his wing. He started sneaking me into a federal government gym (he worked for the feds) and drilling me. He took me to all these parties, and I learned a lot about just being a cool guy.

    Eventually I broke up with my fiance, and instead of going right into depression, I decided it was time to rebuild my life from the ground up. I doubly rededicated myself to working out, I joined a football team, I started training for boxing, I got The Game and other PUA books/programs, and more. Now I have great girls in my life, maybe a new GF, but I am still not done. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed by all I do, I look at my life and can't believe I'm the guy living it. It's so awesome. What this all truly is to me, is becoming a man and killing the boy. That's really the theme of this past year for me.

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    Martano Guest

    Default Re: So the Journey Begins..

    It's good to hear other people's stories as they can help you to remain focused and although your results might not replicate exactly what you desire. They remind you of what is possible if you put your mind to it.

    I read that article Bill and I thought it was a good read. So much of what you say just makes sense. The next aspect of my programme is to improve my diet and just cut out anything unneccessary. I know I am going to make this work. Although I really need to get out and sarge more often, it's just difficult as my town is like an hour away from the nearest city and sarging in my town isn't really an option to be honest.

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