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    Gohan Guest

    Default __________________ The Saga begins __________________

    Hey this is Gohan from Amsterdam im going to start some new things,
    From now on, if it all works out maybe a new life style.
    Im going to live how I really want 'theres a world I didnt explore yet'

    this is one of my challenges.

    Im 21 years young. My passion is (european) football and all sports that give me the 'endorphine boost' , also I have been paying attention to human behaivior.
    I have almost zero experience with woman. I was always to shy to make a move, didnt like the way its done here and didnt like to make the first move..... so I waited for girls showing interest in me, and when they did..... I shied away.

    I want to be comfortable around women and make them feel comfortable,
    make them laugh and feel more.
    This for me, is the basic, and then everything else happens naturally.

    Ive read and watched some of DavidDeAngelos programs and im going to work with some of its interesting views.

    Im here to show my experiences, read yours, get advice and learn.
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    Martano Guest

    Default Re: __________________ The Saga begins __________________

    Seeming as you are Gohan. I hope you are referring to the Cell Saga. Where Gohan became the best and became a hero!!

    Sorry, that was a tad unrelated but I love DBZ.

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    Gohan Guest

    Default Re: __________________ The Saga begins __________________

    Im still in my first Saga, but youre right Gohan has lots of hidden potental
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    Martano Guest

    Default Re: __________________ The Saga begins __________________

    Haha. I like it! Gohan was one of my favourites. I'd say i'm more like... Vegeta, he may have been late in turning super saiyan. But he sure does kick some ass when he does!

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    Default Re: __________________ The Saga begins __________________

    Trunks is the coolest saiyan hands down, anywho Dbz talk is not attractive to females unless they love that show a lot , welcome to the world of pua Gohan
    "Give her the gift of missing you" david d

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: __________________ The Saga begins __________________

    Glad to see someone else begin the journey. Style once recommended finding a "guru" for different aspects of your game. One of the first you want to find is a fitness guru. and the P90X DVD workout program are two resources I recommend. Getting in shape is a massive confidence booster, especially when you start to get all cut and shredded.

    David D. really is a good place to start, but I moved away from cocky/funny to confident/funny and have a ton more success. But, I have discovered it's diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks - different things work for different people, depending on how conducive they are to their personality. So make sure you check out Christian Hudson and his buddy Nick at Social Man, Stephen Nash, Style, Mystery, Scot McKay, and Bill Preston (his articles are pretty helpful - I like his idea of buying coffee for the girl behind you in line) among others. Chances are high you will identify with one more so than all others and will find something that really clicks with your personality and goals - plus, I've learned a lot from them all even though I'm more Nash/Hudson oriented.

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    Martano Guest

    Default Re: __________________ The Saga begins __________________

    You know I haven't actually read any of nash/hudson material. I'm going to give it a good looking over. So far I've looked at Style, Mystery, David D and what I've seen on this forum.

    My task for the week!

    p.s. I would never DBZ talk to any girl, period. haha!

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    Gohan Guest

    Default Re: __________________ The Saga begins __________________

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.
    Raven thanks for helping and I have my own workouts. I play football, run, swim, box on the punchbag, so guess im in shape
    and for Strength training Im following a book called Convict Conditioning, those are excercises with the use of your bodyweight only, they are very challenging but It will pay off.
    I did my research about periodization and muscle growth and your program p90x looks like quality, for a tell-sell product (:
    ( that isnt a neg btw) how much is the" High Proteine" intake on the beginning of the nutrition plan? From my research the "optimal" proteine intake is 2.2 grams per Kilo of your bodyweight.

    I like Style and Mystery they are really great persons.
    will take a look at others, first I want to try alot of david.d.

    cocky/funny or confident/ funny.. it doesnt matter .. just want to make the girls laugh.
    Also you cant be confident in words, its your body language and voice tone and energy.
    So when I practice a lot, I will be cocky/confident/competent/funny (=

    p.s Maybe Im gonna open with a kamehamea routine.... Nahh it will destroy the attraction immediately.
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    Martano Guest

    Default Re: __________________ The Saga begins __________________

    You'd destroy the planet with that technique. Best to stick to the PUA skill set for this one!

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