There is a joke book called "Tomfoolery" by Alvin Schwartz

Well anyways, I've had this book probably since I was borne, and it's title says it all. This book is filled with "foolery" and joke for little kids. I like using some of the stuff in this book, because of almost every joke qualifying for a "Bbb" or "bullsh*t baffles brains" kind of effect. For example, there is a line from this book that goes like this,"If I lived up here (pointing to someone's forehead), and you lived down here (pointing to their chin), would you come see me sometime? (raising your finger to flick their nose)[BT+ioi+DI].

Stuff like that makes you more fun and memorable (despite how childish it was).

This book is just filled with cute little jokes and stories that you could tell her.
You don't have to be a snowboarding, kayaking, hiking stud to be seen as interesting and fun; Just be playful, witty, Kino her a bit and whateves.

If you need any clarification, just reply.
~krickety (gtghome)