Alright, so I figured it was about to time to at least sign up for the forum here. I've read parts of "The Game" and just recently picked up a copy of "The Rules of the Game" from a friend. I have yet to dive into that book, but I have a feeling I should, especially now.

Basically I don't know how to approach girls. I know how to be friendly and very gentleman-like, but when it gets down to the nitty-gritty stuff, I just don't have it. The way I see it, it's because of one major thing. I'm too picky. Always have been, I've always been looking for "the right one" and other bullshit like that. Though I'm only 18, I know I've missed out on the best chances of my life in high school..fresh young horny girls...then again, I still have college...thankfully . And I'm not willing to let this just slide past me either. I need to shape up. Even a girlfriend will do, figuring out how to get the girlfriend I want would be ideal. Or even, if I could learn to press the reset button on my mind and just become a total sex fiend, then why the hell not? After all, I'm still a virgin, and I'm hating every goddamn second of it. There's only so much porn will do for me now. At this point, I'm sick of being who I am. I'm tired of hearing all the bullshit from my girl friends telling me to be myself, a girl is looking for a gentleman like you out there somewhere. I obviously know that's not true now after seeing girls get ripped away from me by dousche bag guys. It's time for me to take a stand, it's time for me to be the one who wins. Only thing is....I'm not sure I know how.

If you can take anything from this please let me know, I'm willing to listen. I live in the Seattle area, so not sure if anyone is up my alley. It's a new year, why not make it a new me.

At work they call me Stallion as a nickname. So you guys can call me that.

- Stallion