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    Turbo Guest

    Default Hi....ok bye! Sticking point: Conversation.

    Hello fellow PUAs, my sticking point is the conversation/displaying worth. I've read some books and articles and the tips given haven't really helped me. I have no desire to learn magic tricks or psychological tricks.
    I've spent a lot of time observing friends pick up girls with little effort. Most recently a friend, by barely even talking to the girl before HER approach, number-closed a hooters waitress. My friends are good PUAs but as I've found they aren't the type to share their secrets. They continue to tell me confidence is the sole key to attraction but, I feel their looks and other things have a lot more to do with it then they are willing to admit.

    I used to be able to pick up girls at clubs and second night sex-close on a bi-weekly basis. Now I can't get past the first initial conversation. I dress nice and work out everyday so i am not a stickly dweeb.

    What do you guys recommend I do to improve this? I've tried internet dating but i'm tired of adding girls on facebook but then never hearing from them again or, meeting them and discovering that their pictures were taken before they met Ronald Mcdonald and gained 40 pounds.

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Hi....ok bye! Sticking point: Conversation.

    I don't use NLP (psychological tricks) or magic tricks either really, although I've learned to utilize them somewhat. NLP is basically the art of suggestion, and it does work rather well in many situations. As for magic tricks, I know at least one really cool one that I can pull off well. I like to tell girls I'm going to achieve something hard very quickly (becoming a rockstar for example, even though I'm just starting with the guitar) because I have a secret weapon. After they badger the crap out of me to know what it is after a date or two, or after they beat me in golf or bowling wherein I promised them I would tell them if they won (yup... girls beat me all the time... I admit it), I tell them the secret weapon is "magic." Then I swear it's true and I show them a really cool trick. I adore the look of enchantment and/or humor on a woman's face after that. So, basically, learn a little magic or some card tricks - it doesn't hurt and will make you more interesting.

    To improve conversation skills, what you need to do is improve your sense of humor, and your flirting and baiting skills. An example of baiting would be to tell her that her warm looking sweater reminds you of growing up in the mountains. This intrigues her and she asks about you growing up, then you say more things which bait her into asking more questions. Humor can be developed by watching comedy, taking improv classes, and studying comedic writing. Developing flirting skills is similar to developing humor skills. For example, I might tell a French girl I met at a bar that my face is virgin to the lips of a French woman, just joking around. But this sets a romantic or "sexual" tone and is something that might get you a kiss too.

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    Turbo Guest

    Default Re: Hi....ok bye! Sticking point: Conversation.

    Well the sense of humor i have, i am usually about 60% of the comic relief at parties etc. I have no trouble making girls laugh but, thats about it i cant go from he's funny to he's sexy i want him in and around my_____ haha.
    I'll look into some easy magic trick. My friends don't know any magic, the only magic they do know is just chilling and going somewhere more private with girls with little effort.
    They don't use Isolation but more of attention overload where they play beer pong with them the whole night, make drinks for them, share food and chairs. It's like the opposite of the Isolation theory. It works all the time but, not for me.

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