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    aaron0l Guest

    Default I dont know where to start!

    ok,I'm 20 and cute "acordoing to girls" and a lil bit big,anyway I have trouble with getting girls and staying away from the friend zone and flirting so where should I start at this?

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    Default Re: I dont know where to start!

    oh gosh. new meat with open ear i wonder what to do :P haha just playing im not trying to make this like a rape scene in a jail movie. haha

    ok well like with anything comes selfimprovement. since u say ur bigger its good to start with losing weight. trust me, if you can get motivated enough to lose weight, learning pua will just come with ur new confidence boost from losing weight. so not to overfill your hands ill say start by losing weight, clearing ur face of acne if need be, and work on ur inner game. i always stand behind working on inner game. i could tell you so much about picking up girls but none of it will be congruent with you because you wont display these traits thru ur body language. its best to get ur feet wet and maybe start approaching women and learning to deal with your Approach Anxiety. and also tackle the hurdle of how to keep an interesting convo going. after that it would definitely be time to learn game. but for now here is your goals.

    A) start losing weight and clearing ur complexion if need be.

    B) start working on ur inner game and building a life that girls would want to be a part of. start getting into interesting things like skydiving, hiking, rockclimbing, paintball. anything that is uncommon and girls will want to experience. this will help when u start picking up women.

    C) get ur feet wet. approach girls to get over approach anxiety and how to talk. this will be good cause once u have done everything else, approaching women will be easy.

    D)REJECTION IS NATURAL. get used to it now. this sometimes takes a tough skin. you will get rejected. ask any pua about rejection stories. they have them no matter what.

    E)work on building strong nonverbals. nonverbals is your body language. there are plenty of threads on here to learn from. but basically you want to own the ground you walking on. never be timid. always be confident and stand tall.

    other than that. welcome to the community. to get truly into the community u do have to be involved in a jail rape scene. i think its tcomeas turn to break one in......hahah just playing bro. it will be good to watch u as u grow. welcome.
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    aaron0l Guest

    Default Re: I dont know where to start!

    Ok sounds great! and thanks for the info!

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