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    elfmaster Guest

    Default another afc come to improve his game

    Hi all.

    I'm 38 and started reading about this stuff a year or so ago. I've suffered from a lack of confidence most my life I guess and trying to get over it.

    Just decided to get on the forum as it's time I start getting feedback from people who relate and want to share.

    I live in a small town where I am (about 10,000) and am wondering if there is such a thing as small town game. It feels like around here you have to make it count a little more and so it makes "practice" kind of tricky. It's much more the case around here that everyone kind of knows each other so it's a bit less anonymous than gaming in the city.

    I have a few romantic interests in my life and want to get things going in the right way most likely to build attraction, etc.

    i'll be back to post more. I have some things to discuss probably more suited to other forums than introduction.

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    swohtx85 Guest

    Default Re: another afc come to improve his game

    I'm new to the forum myself. I think small town game would be tricky. You basically have already branded yourself. If girls see you as the shy guy or whatever it may be, it will be hard to break that image. The best way to do it would be to make drastic physical changes. I know that's not the answer that a lot of people are looking for but it would work. If all of a sudden you try to change your behavior you will get called out on it. It's not gonna be a turn on, because your the same guy you were before and the ladies will see right through your game. So if you can't change socially directly, the best thing to do is change physically. I don't know what your build is, but if your like 95% of the guys out there, there could be some improvement. If your overweight lose the gut and become the "lean and cut" guy. If your already lean but real scrawny, bust it in the weight room and become the newly buff guy. This will get people talking and you will get a whole lot of attention. Just my opinion though, good luck to you!

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    Default Re: another afc come to improve his game

    Theres no just thing as small town game, but you must be careful, word of mouth with females spreads like wild fire, also a great line that never fails is " dont be rude, why dont you introduce me to your friend there" that line is pure gold, wish you luck and keep us updated on your results and questions
    "Give her the gift of missing you" david d

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