Dear PUA's MY name is Manwel and I am in a spot that I think you can help with. Think of this as a mock situation to test your skills and also to see how well you teach. I am about 2 thirds of the way through "the game" and I have been in the beginning stages of my PUA training but I am in a spot that needs immediate attention and advice. I live with three girls. One of them is my friend who is letting me crash on the couch until I find my own place. The other is a friend who I am not at all interested in and the third is a HB8 that I want to close before I leave. The targets name is EA. The question is of course is "how" but let me tell you what I have already done. The other night her and I inadvertently ended up making breakfast dinner together. It was a wishful idea spawned from watching the food network. From reading the game I implemented some good self value and I have been able to make her laugh in a real way. The night we made breakfast everything went well until we ended up at the store. I turned into the over polite needy dude and then when we came back to cook she ended up talking on the phone with her sister for like twenty minuets and I let that destroy my confidense. The question is simple, how do I close the girl I live with, who is comfortable with me, gives me ioi when I use PUA tech, but is still sees me as "the friend". Any Advice would be great guys, thanks allot.