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Thread: Hi! Opinion?

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    AsherHeart Guest

    Default Hi! Opinion?

    Hello, I'm Asher and I'm a video game nerd who is trying to reform his life and live more in reality. I've recently started studying pickup and I'm finding that its pretty difficult for me to understand. Everyone is throwing around all these different theories and methods with all these biological explanations for each one and with all of it cluttering my thoughts I find it hard to organize and make sense of.

    So, If anyone could give me any direction as to where to start it would be great!

    Also, in thoughts trying to get my head around it all and being a recovering video game addict I thought: "How can I convert the process of pickup into something I can relate to?" Then the question was: "Well, what do I relate to?" The answer was of course VIDEO GAMES.
    Video games were always appealing to me, especially the ones set in medieval times that involve plenty of sword play and whatnot.

    The question is that has this ever been done? Has the process of approaching, attracting, and closing a target ever been thought of in a manner such as a dungeon crawling adventure? If not, would this be something any of you be interested in? Or maybe its just a silly idea thought up by my sometimes misguided imagination! Haha! Either way, replies are greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Hi! Opinion?

    You can definitely think of pick up as a skill (not unlike leveling up your character in a video game).

    I would approach this as.. how can I level up my own personal character.

    Start with getting in shape.
    Grab some nice clothes (you would make your video game character look good right?)
    Talk to everyone to get that part to become easier.
    Practice smiling at all the women you talk to.. look them in the eyes.
    Be social and get out of your house (your video game character doesn't just sit in his room - he is out exploring dungeons).
    Take chances (you never know your limits or how far is too far unless you go to far).



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    AsherHeart Guest

    Default Re: Hi! Opinion?

    Lol! Thanks for humoring me!

    I've decided to take the idea and build upon it. The way I picture it is that if the act of picking up with is often refereed to as "The Game" then I need to actually turn it into a game. But not just any game, my kind of game. Dungeon and Dragon's style! Though I wont be wasting time developing some imaginary or virtual character, in this game the character is the real life you. Only your real life personal development with aid you in this game.

    A reality based RPG

    I'll ponder on it more, if not just for fun.

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