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    Smile HOOK POINT: how is it achieved>>>

    I was skeptical.

    I have never been able to initiate a conversation with women at a bar until I tried some of the theory behind The Pickup Artist.

    But I couldn't get to hook POINT.

    And yet, I got two kisses from two beautiful girls on the first night I tried.

    It was a "traffic light" party for my university. You wear green if single, red if dating, and yellow if 'complicated'.

    I went as a "traffic cop'. My persona: was a shirt that said "Traffic Controller". I had a sign that was red and said 'stop' on one side and green on the other for 'go'. I blew a whistle to initiate the conversation.

    Material: "Do you think Justin Beiber is hot?" and "What do you think about tattoos on girls?"

    dhv: "tonight is a great night, I am one step closer to my master's degree, and tonight we are celebrating like it's ocean's 11."

    I was extremely uncomfortable with these concepts. But, what I had done before was massively ineffective.

    Guys, this IS real. REALLY.

    It is about opening a conversation - engagement.

    I approached a set of two beautiful women. I blew my whistle and held my sign on 'STOP': "What do you think about girls with tattoos?"

    It clinched. They were immediately interested, "I think they are trashy!" winced a shocked redhead, and from the second petite brunette, "I think they can be kindof hot!"

    I followed: "Do you know what I think?..." letting it hang for tensoin, "I think that YOU are trouble...and YOU..." pointing to the redhead, "I don't know yet what to think of you!"

    They laughed. I have never been 'that guy'. Weird.

    The petite brunette said, "I would be okay getting one right here, but they become kindof a tramp stamp later" as she gestured to her right side rubbing her fingers against her ribs.

    I replied, "I think that would be hot," as I ran my fingers across her abdomen.

    Huge IOI!



    I got scared that she was genuinely attracted to me. I feel like such a loser but I was without any 'game'. It was embarrassing.

    I ended up giving them each 'traffic tickets'.

    "NAME?" then - - "Offense" finally: "CONSEQUENCE", which was a kiss on the cheek from each.

    Well, I got two kisses...
    and then, I was without game.

    My Question: HOW DO YOU CREATE THE Hook Point? I was really interested in these girls, genuinely, but I couldn't 'lead' them anywhere.

    I... choked!

    How do you get to the Hook Point? I am very interested to know who has succeeded in this area, and what advice you would give to an amateur.

    This show rocks and thanks to you for taking the time to help a straggler.

    To all the successful, rock on. You are my inspiration as a fellow no-gamer, learning and willing to learn more.



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    Default Re: HOOK POINT: how is it achieved>>>

    You are not having problems reaching the hook point your having problem getting past the Hook Point. All the “hook point “ is when they want you to stay around. You had that if you were getting IOIs.
    Heres my advise: stop thinking so damn much! This is the problem when guys try to learn theory before they practice it. You are over thinking and then you freeze cause you don’t know where to go next. Heres a big tip: Listen to her. If you listen to what she says you will never run out of things to talk about. Play off of what she is giving you. If you are truly hooked in a set you will be just fine.
    If you need more help with it take a look at Bills The Vibe. Also I would suggest you take a look at your inner game issues and address them. The Social Mans Unbreakable. Its by far the best innergame program out there. And I think he has it on sale dirt cheap right now.

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