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    bdub Guest

    Default New to forums, 3 full closes so far, but i have a problem!

    Hey everyone first off let me introduce myself as I have not posted to these forums yet. I am BDub and I live in Raleigh NC. I am 21 and recently divorced. I was with my ex since I was 16, and once I caught her fvcking my friend I was devistated. Not to mention I found out she had been sleeping around since we got married. I went into depression for almost a year before I decided to start going out and meeting new people again. however once I was out in the field I realized I had no idea what the hell I was doing, until I met a guy that was a PUA and introduced me to the game.

    I am still pretty new to this stuff but I have been improving every week. I have had several phone # closes, and 3 full closes, no kiss closes. So far if i get the kiss close i get her to come home with me. I was with 2 of them multiple times and I just full closed one last night.

    Anyway I have a problem. I can't cum! I dont know if its a mental block or what. Heres the thing, if I jerk off It is extremely hard for me to finish unless i think about my ex, or atleast have a good porno. Sex is even harder. Last night I full closed and pounded her until she was too sore to continue, which was about an hour and a half. I got close by closing my eyes and visualizing my ex. but then i got a massive cramp and i had to slow down. It has been like this with every chick ive been with since my ex, with or without a condom, with a condom is damn near impossible. There have been some exceptions where it went well but its rare. Heres a curve ball with my ex I would actually cum too early. It would normally last between 3 and 15 minutes with her. Now it takes me well over an hour and alot of the time I never finish.

    Has anyone ever experienced this?

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    Default Re: New to forums, 3 full closes so far, but i have a problem!

    I'm also new to the forums but I think I might know what's going on. It sounds like a classic case of porn addiction. Read up on it. I stopped watching porn and jerking off a couple months ago and the results are awesome.

    Read a blog post on the topic called "10 Reasons to Stop Using Internet Porn". It's on a blog called "Bold and Determined". I would link it but I need 150 posts. Anyways read it!

    I found it inspiring when I quit.

    Good luck and good gaming

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    Default Re: New to forums, 3 full closes so far, but i have a problem!

    I don't think it's porn because of your ex.

    You need to really get connected with these new girls or do nastier/kinkier stuff with them. Either will work.
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