So my story for getting into this is I got out of an LTR with absolutely no interest in getting back into one. Realized I was very rusty and my game had suffered immensely (not saying it was great before but looking back don't remember having a lot of difficulty with picking up) and since I'm choosing to go a long time without a steady girlfriend I figured any edge I could get would be useful. At this time though I had no clue this community existed until I heard Neil Strauss on the Howard Stern show last week. Since then, well it's all I've been thinking about. Anyways to round out the info about me, I'm in Lethbridge AB where about 30-40% of the population comes in the form of students every school year so there are plenty of HBs. I'm 28 and have never really thought about there being a "science" behind picking-up so for my history I'm just gonna go with, I've been scraping and collecting little bits of info and experience as I went and could sorta just let my looks do the hard work. I realize that this method is highly faulty and very unreliable so my goals are to get rid of any Approach Anxiety, be able to have cold conversations without blanking and pick-up women at will. Anyways there's my intro and I'm looking forward to learning everything I can and meeting like minded people, hopefully some I can go sarging with.