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    Default Just wanted to introduce myself

    Hello puaforums,

    My name is Ian,

    I've decided to try and join your community, if you'll have me.

    A little about myself: I had an atypical upbringing. At first living with grandparents, but around 8 or 9 living out my teenage years with a very old woman.
    I wasn't taught much at all about how to interact socially, and I was never permitted to really get out there and do much of anything.

    As a result I lagged badly in social development throughout my whole life.

    I went to college for a while, but became more concerned about developing this area of my life than having a future (there were other factors too, it's a long story). Ultimately, I dropped out of college, and am now a loser who can't find decent work.

    I've made great strides in my ability to socialize properly, and think I'm about at a 'normal' level now.

    I am the most hopeless person I know when it comes to women. It just does not come naturally to me, and my friends who are good with women just can't fathom how that is even possible.

    From this day forward I am hereby 100 percent committed to enhancing my ability to create and sustain interpersonal relationships of a romantic nature as much as I am capable of doing.

    I'm 25, and want to live life for all it's worth before I'm 40. I'm not a bad looking guy, and I'm not bad socially. I have confidence in most areas of my life except women. I deserve a rich dating life.

    So far my plan to achieve my goal is as follows:

    1) Better income: I have got to get my student loans out of default, and get a bachelors and find decent work. No woman wants to be with a man who can't provide.

    I am going to get there by moving to a more populated city with more opportunities (this is in the works currently), and finding better paying work capable of getting my student loans out of default.

    I am working hard on this. It will happen in time. Just have to work around it for now.

    2) Better style, more social personality: I am a hermit and an introvert. I am going to force this to change. I used to not be very good at socializing but I've come a long way since high school. I will be forcing myself to get out more and develop a wider range of friends in this new city. I will even create a facebook account!

    I also need to buy an entirely new wardrobe. I do not know how to dress at all. At the moment I do not even have the money to dress properly. This is incredibly frustrating for me.

    3) Read, watch, listen to, take notes on, learn, and absorb everything on the subject I can get my greedy little hands on: So far I'm working through pandora's box and the PhD method and reading "The Game by Neil Strauss." I've watched quite a number of David DeAngelo videos, they are very impressive. I will be rounding those out as well in the near future.

    Pandora's Box is blowing my mind. I'm walking around labeling every woman I know well enough with their three letter conflict abbreviation. I just discovered it this week but something in my gut tells me I'm going to at least improve a little from it.

    I'm currently downloading basically everything ever made on the subject of seduction.

    I think I'm also going to save up some money and buy a 3 day one on one session with a dating coach. Still haven't decided on which one yet though. Been in contact with Chris Orleans. Anyone have any recommendations?

    Also anyone have any recommendations on required reading that should be bumped to the top of my reading/watching/listening list? (I'm going to read everything eventually anyway, but if somethings good I wanna get it absorbed first).

    Thank you in advance for all the advice I'm sure I'm going to get from these forums.
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