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Thread: The Italian Job

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    TomHimself Guest

    Default The Italian Job

    Hey Guys,

    I'm new. And I have a situation I've never been in...

    I want a girl who has a boyfriend already. Usually totally against my moral code. But, her friends hate him. He makes her drink and drive etc etc, blah. She's hot.... Italian!, seems real sweet. And I wanna show her what being with a decent guy is all about. Not necessarily marriage and the lot, but she can do with a confidence boost, at least.

    Where DO I start??? (just got a FR on facebook accepted...)

    Cheers in advance boys,


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    Default Re: The Italian Job

    I can't say I would be an expert in this, or even a novice. It's going to be a lot of work, at least in the initial setup. Though making her YOUR girl will be more work than simply showing her that better options exist, you'll still have to be committed to a number of things:

    * Demonstrate within her view, that you are a more INTERESTING man (not necessarily a GOOD man)
    * Demonstrate that you are a BETTER man than her boyfriend
    * have frequent contact with her
    * Show you are desired by women
    * perform standard PUA technique (i.e. that build comfort, rapport, attraction)
    * sexually escalate and know where the line is (possibly short of kissing or intercourse)
    * NOT bring up her boyfriend or talk about her troubles or try to convince her of her situation
    * and more...

    It sounds like you may be considerably infatuated with her. In other words, you wouldn't be running through in your mind that you want to steal her, and doing PUA research on it, if you weren't already thinking about saving her.

    It would be a lot easier to put your effort into someone new, than creating a lot of potentially awkward situations.
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    TomHimself Guest

    Default Re: The Italian Job

    Cheers Geezer,

    That's some sound advice there, especially the last bit.

    Infatuation is a strong word, but you are right. Getting involved could just result in burnt fingers.

    Kind regards.


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