As my username suggests, I am a baron. Well, not technically, but if nobility hadn't been abolished in Norway, I would've been. I'm also from Montebello in Oslo. Anyway, after ridiculing my brother for reading PUA e-books and the Game for months, I watched him progress from being constantly rejected to pulling several a night in just a few months (he's yet to seal the deal). Suitably impressed, I thought this may be something for me. Don't get me wrong; I don't have a bad track record with girls, I've had several GF's, a farkbuddy, but rarely one night stands, but it could definitely do with improving, especially as one of my pal's is a natural.

After reading up on PUA stuff, I tried some of it, especially Mystery Method stuff, and it worked a charm. Reading the stuff I realised why some nights had gone well and others not so well, as most of this is common sense, but it I just hadn't been smart enough to figure it out myself.

However, my greatest motivation at the moment is trying to get my ex to be a good friend, bizarrely enough! I'm probably going to do an exchange in her state (NC) in a year and I'd like to try to get her back during my stay there. To make a long story short, we broke up last summer due to the distance, I travelled back and we got together in all but name (I was her manfriend, not boyfriend), then I got needy and clingy due to my Grandmother dying, which then gradually caused her to lose respect for me, as she didn't realise my reaction to being sad is to simply talk about anything but the reason I'm sad. I just visited her in Finland, where she's on exchange at the moment, and things weren't too good, which I'm going to post a field report on.

Anyway, glad to be here!