basically i have no confidence when it comes to talking with girls i don't know, if i get to know them within a while im fine but its approaching girls that worries me thats why i have never had a gf and plus a lot of people see me as immature and i want to switch that around because i really like this girl who's 18 she's a 10/10 and i want to learn some pick up techniques so i can hopefully ask her out and hopefully she will say yes . i have ordered some pheromones and i will have them but i know they don't magically do everything for me and they only enhance The Vibe i give off so thats why i was wondering if anyone could suggest any books to me to read so i can have a game plan.

i ordered off true pheromones and i bought true alpha,true charisma and true opener so i will give off an alpha male vibe


i was thinking of getting, the game by neil strauss to read first then i was going to read the mystery method.

is that a good plan ? and if anyone has read these books please could you tell me of your experiences and what are they like.

and also do they have conversation starters in them ?