Hello Forum and PUAs

I have just recently come across this site after looking at few YouTube clips on Mystery. I have the book 'The Game' but haven't read it yet. I am sure I'll get around to it.

Well my name is Scott Aka Bear. I live in Sydney Australia and have been here for about 10 years.
To be honest, I have to clear in that I have never really had a problem getting girls. In fact, at one point I had a revolving door at my place for a few months from various girls I met online and at work. I was going through a break up and it seemed only logical to get under someone to get over someone. So that I did.

I have up until recently discovered the art of picking up from watching the Mystery bloke on YouTube. The social dynamics that he speaks of is very accurate. I never really looked into the neg or other rapport techniques.

Being a professional Magician I can see and have witnessed the power of magic, especially with good looking women. Yes it is an edge but not the holy Grail. I have used it effectively for years however it was when I stumbled on this whole Pua community that I felt another bridge of learning. I have certainly no hesitations when it comes to talking to women. Perhaps I may be a natural. Perhaps I have been doing all of this unconsciously. I do know this. I want to know more. Seeing some of these guys in the 'field' work it. Simply astound me.

If anyone in the Sydney area would like to meet up for a drink and walk me into a whole new world of the Pua community, I can certainly give something back by adding something to their artillery.