Hello everyone. first off like to introduce myself to the site im zack

When i was in high school i went to this place called the career center that my high school offered and i took culinary arts and to get to the point i meet this very beautiful girl and def wanted to talk and get to know her

we started talkin to each other and then i would notice that she wouldnt give me a hug but yet still flirt with me but everytime i made my move she would deny me. Then The next day she would act different and would act like she liked and cared about me.

Eventually down the road we started aruging because she started to change and we stopped talking and just started fighting. She told me she would never talk to me and say horrible stuff to me that i didnt deserve and i later found out that she did that because she didnt know how to respond to me by liking her.

I could tell she would always make me jealous around other guys but i kept my cool. Most we have done is kiss but then after she stopped talkin to me after she no longer said she would she sent me a message breaking down and sayin how sorry she was.

I accepeted it in shock and we started talkin again and then she started her old ways again. I told her that she is teasing me and to make up her mind and to quit playing these games and i brought up what she did to me in the pass and she got mad said she wouldnt talk to me and blocked me on fb saying she wont make the mistake again to talk to me....

Well she unblocked me and we talked for a little bit but i just want to know how should i approach her and what to do so we can have the connection we had before we fought and stuff. I know she is very shy and i think she acts that way because she is scared...

What should i do? i think ive done everything i can and it just keeps going on and off and i would just like some help if anyone can give it to me..

thanks all