Hello everyone,I'm a 33 year old man who hails from Iowa. Yeah, that's right, Iowa. And yes there are A LOT of cornfields here. :-D I got involved with pickup around 5 years ago after getting dumped. Since that time, I've dedicated my time, energy and resources learning how to be more successful with women and life.It started one fateful day as I journeyed to Barnes and Noble on the verge of complete breakdown. My ego was shattered. I thought I would be alone forever and that no girl would ever love me. I went to the self help section and stumbled into "The Game." My life changed forever.I dedicated myself completely to learning this new world. I exhausted every resource at my disposal to learn this art. My focus and dedication got me in a relationship and engaged to a beautiful woman. The sex was amazing. The validation I got from other people becuase of her beauty made me feel like I was on top of the world. Until our relationship corroded.At the end of the day, my inner core still needed a lot of work. Newly single, I refocused and forced myself into thousands of sets. Things got better. I started sleeping with beautiful women i just met at the bar. I started approaching and successfully picking up some of the most beautiful women at the bar. My dating life EXPLODED. I was no longer an option. I HAD options. This success overflowed to many areas of my life. I'm now dedicated to mastering this craft and helping others with their journey.I look forward to becoming an active member of this community, learning, sharing stories and adding as much value as I possibly can. I do most of my posting of FR's and LR's on another great free site bravopua.com. Check that out if your looking for another great resource.Look forward to talking soon,Shotz