Just stumbled onto this place and I like it. Men need to shoot the bull at times, and while I'm not much for internet chat, I see some good POV's here. I'm 45, been in the game since my 20's, which I'll be happy to share. My main concern really for being here is the rise of the Nice Guy in America. It's sickening, it really is, but then again, good for us who are aware of this issue.
Anyway, when I was 23, I was at a formal dinner with a date, she asked me to get her a drink, naturally I sprang up and did. When I came back, there's another guy sitting in my seat, I stood there just going "duh, duh, duh", and about thirty seconds later without even looking at me she left w/him. The thing is about this guy, I knew him and he is one of the biggest BS artists in the world. He's in jail now by the way. Anyway, I laugh at that now, but that was my awakening. Maybe every guy should have that happen. Or, maybe not. But something happen to me this Saturday with a girl I met in a bar, and she was with a guy who just wasn't getting it. She started flirting w/me, I was just hanging out, relaxing having a beer, the guy noticed it and started telling her about his business trip to impress her. Then she came right over to me and ordered some shots. She, ordered the shots. Good bye Mr. businessman, game over for you. So, this made me think of that night after all these years.