Hi everyone! A bit of a casual lurker here, but decided that I need to take the full plunge tonight, and start chatting on here! I'm a 27 year old working musician. My occupation has me surrounded with hot girls all the time, however, like most newbies on here, I'm completely clueless in the art of pickup. I seem to lack the natural talent to be able to approach and close the deal with any girl. So hopefully I can gain some knowledge from you folks.

One thing I'm particularly curious about is any in-the-field training courses in the Toronto, Ontario area that any of you might know about. I've read tons of material, but like any skill, it's best strengthened with some sort of mentor or guru by your side. A friend told me about maaximumseduction.co m, but I haven't found any reviews I actually trust. Any of you know about this program?

Anyways, hope to be able to talk with some of you in the near future!