i recently added a girl on facebook that i use to see around at my old work(supermarket) i started inboxing her on facebook and i think i wrecked our convo and made it awkward but not too sure.. need tips. since im new here and not to sure how things work around here ill just copy and paste our convo.. ME-heyyy hope u dont mind the add, seen you around heaps, i use 2 work at ---- loll :) HER-hay nah i dont mind :) oh yeaaa ! ahaha thats where i seen u from, how come u dont work at ---- anymore ? ME-they sacked me because i went 2 schoolies for a week, was over it anyway :) but yehhh what u get upp 2 this weekend HER-oh that's sh1t :\ well lastnight i went and chilled with a mate, watched xmen, night before got into drama ... its a small world :L and today gota study for exams :) how about you ? ME-ahhh truee the new xmen movie? is it good? hahahahah ruthless:P what kind of drama :P ummm friday just chilled with a few mates and last night went to a fight night then a mates party was a pretty messy night :) HER-yes :) its so good ! explains how the characters became who they are, quite interesting :) ahaha drama as in i promised myself i wanted to stay single for a year & just really get to know someone, and have both good and bad moments cause after a couple of months/bad moments u realize what kind of person they really are right? anyways supposed to go on a date with someone but he found out his mate likes me so thought it was wrong then i had a massive argument with the mate who claims his different from guys but i actually know more amazing ppl then him so yea :L fight night ? what the heck is that :) ME- might have to watch it :) a years a long time, especially if your as gawjus as yourself ;P nothing ever goes as planned for mee! yeah true... loll thats a farked up situation! ummmmmm fight nights like when fighters from different gyms come and fight in a ring n sh1ttt:) my mate was meant to fight but his opponent backed otu last minute-_- this was in the morning and shes online at the moment but isnt replying what should i do without looking desperate lol ?