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    I'm a college senior. I love to learn, and I just picked up Style's "The Game" and haven't been able to put it down. Keep in mind, I hate books, especially for someone my age.

    I've always been trying to improve myself with connecting with women. I had buck teeth, small circle of friends, (prom time I was one of those kids who sheepishly asked for a date for the sake of having one- and I didn't even get a date)

    College came, braces came off. Went to the weightroom, ate right, gained muscle, and girls started to notice me (especially by doing other bs, like fashion shows and evens on campus).

    BUT...i still have a problem. When it comes to girls, i have semi-confidence. I've been with 2 girls before, I can create a conversation but I always ruin my opportunities. Any guy can get to know any girl, using the right style, but I'm just learning how to take my first steps in this world.

    I come to you with open arms, and hope you can help!
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