So, I've been attracted to my neighbor for about 10yrs. I've never done anything because I've always had severe anxiety when it comes to picking up women. Lately I've been making an effort to get this area handled and as a result I kissed my neighbor one night when she came over to smoke. It wasn't exactly smooth, but I did go in 3/4 of the way and she went the rest.
5 days later, she comes over w/ her sister, buzzed, and the three of us and my roommate (who's hooked up with her sister) drink beers and chill.
I've been teasing/negging her and also being a little cocky/funny prior to kissing her w/ good response, and the night she came over was no exception. I did so well in fact that when we were alone and I was teasing/challenging her, she lunged at me and we began to make out. She kept stopping mid-kiss to say, "Shh, calm down". And then she would kiss me again. She said something to challenge me to which I challenged her back and she kissed me again only to say again "Calm down. You have a lot of sexual energy but I feel like you are directing it in the wrong place" She kisses me again, slowly. I look at her and she says "don't fall in love with me" I replied w/ the same statement. Then she said outright "you're not the one, do you think I'm the one?" To which I said "no, but I don't believe in that". We kiss again... she says, "don't fall in love with me" I say we are just having fun and she kisses me more..

(Keep in mind I have no intention on sleeping with her that night because I have to be up in 4hrs to work a long day, otherwise I would have gone for the f-close).

Since she knows me to be a AFC and someone who never challenged her before, she starts to analyze me in a manor consistent with who I was. She was kind of right, but I said that she has me all wrong and tried to cover my thoughts, but I was turned off that she was limiting me and no longer kissing me. I knew I was being tested and LMRed, but had no other response but to say I had no idea what she was talking about. She began to talk about energy and how it tells a lot about a person.

I was then that her sister came in and stood above us. It was time for them to leave, but my neighbor still wanted to talk about her energy ideas. I wanted her to go so I could sleep, and her sister was practically standing over us. So I patted her as if to say "time to go". She said "don't pat me" it sounded like a response to me teasing her, so I didn't take it as her actually being upset by my patting her. I stood up and helped her gather her things. She looked kind of confused and bummed at having to leave.

That was Thursday. It's Monday and I haven't heard from her yet, nor have I reached out to her.

Obviously she is seeing me a little differently since I've been more assertive and not a kiss-ass. I even got her to kiss me and not the other way around.

Did I blow this encounter?

Has anyone encountered this before, and what could she really mean?

Any insights would be great.