hey guys, i was looking for a way to have more motivation and determination to become a great PUA..

i know some of you guys most be thinking, isnt having any woman you want a great motivation? well yes thats true...
but for me it wasnt enough, i needed somthing else..

and then out of nowhere, i ask my self the most important question i have ask my self.. who i want to become and what is that i really want from life..

at first i dint have a clue,, but i start to search well deep inside my brain untill the ideas start to pop out, and i write them down..

this is what i really want
i want 4 beautifull womans, one natural blue eyed blonde, one green or blue eyed brunnette, one beautifull asian girl, and one beautifull cuban girl...
i want them to love me and to love each others, as much as i love them.
i want to become a master seducer, and help every men that i can relate to, or in other words that have the same principals i do.
i want to be admire by everyone, and thoes who dont admire me, well they can ****off
i want to live the life i want and the life i diserve as a great person i im..

now every time i read this, i get a major boost of confidence