but in reality I am. I'm not horrible with women, like I don't stutter or get stunned when they actually talk to me. I can carry a conversation well but have a hard time kinoing girls I don't know very well. I only know of two Kino touching spots and that's the arm/shoulder and lower back.

My goal here is to have a girlfriend, I've been single and out of the dating life for almost three years and feel like my best years are slipping away. I just finished my freshmen year at a local community college and missed several opportunities to achieve a girlfriend but was put off by things I didn't know about like shit tests and the fake boyfriend.

I want to get better but am starting to think it's not possible for me. You guys make it seem like you have to be in 'alpha' mode at all times around women and being in that high state of energy at all times with women seems physically draining to me. I'm a low state kind of person but have sprouts of high energy that resembles alpha status but only when i'm 'feelin' it.