Hi Gentlemen, I've learned a lot from the pick up artist community and am interested in lending my services to help out in your success with women.

What I can do for you:
Make you look you best:
- To attract women
- To look better for business
- To feel confident

How I can do it:
By selecting clothing based on :
- What colors work best for your skin tone and coloring
- What garment cuts best suits your body type
- What hairstyle is complimentary to your facial shape
- Selecting the right scent based on body PH
- Creating a simple and effective skincare regimen based on the unique needs of your skin type and lifestyle
- Choosing the right accessories for the right occasion
- Teaching you how to choose apparel that best fits your personal style and budget

Background and credentials:
Licensed Esthetician – Skincare Specialist
BA in Fashion Design and Merchandising
Strong track record of helping men look and feel their absolute best.

Free consultation to identify your needs
Shopping meet up at budget appropriate retailers for clothing, shoes, accessories, and personal care items
Salon referral and meet up to find your perfect hair style and products

PM me for details!