Hello all! I stumbled upon this site while browsing r/seduction or seddit. There is an abundance of information that I can't wait to learn.

A little about myself since this is an introduction. I'm 22 years, originally from New Jersey and currently serving overseas in an isolated location. I'm looking to take myself out of my comfort zone. I've only have 5 months left where I am at which point I'll be heading to San Antonio for 30 days, Jersey for 30 days of leave and then out to San Diego for my next duty station. I've got some alright experience in the following, bar game, text game and online game. I guess those are right, forgive me I'm not aware of all of the terms you guys use..etc

Since I've been isolated I've been kind of down on myself, but today took some of the advice that I have read to boost myself up. It's working so far. There is two bars on the base here, which I won't go to anymore. It doesn't even seem like a challenge here and personally I'd rather stay out of the drama of this small community (not an excuse, I'll explain if anyone cares to know).

I have random anxiety problems sometimes in bars and definitely in clubs (definitely not my scene).

Hope you all can help me better not only myself, but game.

I should also mention that I am a generally well kept person, but I am pushing my self to make conversation or just even greetings with people I come across. Also, I need to work on smiling more or just generally looking happy. lol