I'm now in my early - mid 20s, and I got into the PUA stuff on a more dedicated basis when I was 21. I was in college at the time, and not getting laid... at all. Frustrated, I turned to Neil Strauss. Eventually, I (fortunately) found much better teachers later on. My current favorites being Brent Smith and Tyler Durden.

Now, here's the thing. I kept beating my head against the wall with all of this material, trying the same sh-- and expecting different results. Club after club, very little progress. I dubbed my missing ingredient "Factor X", there was something I was doing wrong, but I didn't know what it was.

Shortly after my stale years in college were over, I started reading about "vibe" and projecting thought (how people feel however it is that you feel about yourself). For an experiment, a couple of months ago I started to pretend I was "the sexiest man alive". This role-play became a daily routine.

As I felt myself beginning to really believe it, things started to change. Within a few days:

- A hot girl in a club told me I was incredibly sexy. (really mind blowing)
- A random hostess, total stranger, at a small town cafe practically jumped me. Cutest 18 yo you'll ever meet. She wanted to hook up with me that day. I was just passing through the town and had no practical way to do it. But this was a serious indication that something had changed.
- Similar thing happened at a Best Buy with a cashier girl.
- Went to CA, hooked up with a hot South American girl
- Made the mistake of going into a Strip Club, was practically raped.

and on and on

So anyway, I think I'm really on to something. The more I keep this state of mind going, the more my game soars and it has nothing to do with lines or any of that nonsense... it's all on the meta level.

I wish I reached this point back when I was *in college*.. but it's better late then never. Now, above all, my self esteem is strong enough that life is just WAY easier. It's like a ton of bricks were lifted off my shoulders.

Out of college, I want to do this type of stuff for a living and be involved in self developmental work and help other guys get to this point. Hopefully I can achieve some aspect of this goal. I currently have a blog that you can find by searching for "Get Better With Women" on Wordpress.