Hey all,

So first off, I want to say thank you for what you guys have helped me do. I am not necessarily hitting up all of the greatest ladies just yet, but I am trying to coach myself out of an introvert lifestyle. Basically, my entire life I have been a bit shy and although I have played more than "just the tip" with 30 or so girls, I have NEVER, EVER, had any game. When I was younger I purely relied on looks and just being an A** to girls. It worked.

I am on here because I dated a girl for three years and ABSOLUTELY lost ANY game I ever had. I have had a few girls in the last few months, but nothing substantial. To give you an idea of me, I am not a bad looking guy, I am very athletic, and I am very successful and own my own condo in the city. THE PROBLEM, lies in my TOTAL and UTTER cowardness towards rejection.

So far while being here, I have made some SLOW steps to getting better at things. I have been saying hi to more coworkers, smiling more, not "avoiding" certain situations, etc.

It is going to be "baby steps" for me but I am going to try my best to use this awesome resource to get better and break out of this shell I have been wearing for too long.

I'll see you all in the forums.

-The Dude