Hey all,

I'm a grad student/investor/Rock musician living in Northeast Ohio, recently out of a year+LTR, and have been working on my game a lot the past few weeks because I'd like to be casually dating. Lots of number "closes" but nothing substantial yet. I've been going out 2+ nights a week and have no issue opening sets. Working on my text game to set up day 2's, as well as making sure to have plans for a day 2 when I meet the girl. I feel like I sometimes come on too strong...perhaps because this is a college environment and it's all about who you know. I'm always working on calibration and escalation, but the latter is where I've really been falling short. I'm also really picky and don't close girls when I probably could.

Do you think it would be helpful to just close (# k or f) when I can so I can get more experience, even if the chick is a 7 and I'm looking for 9s?

Also, any interested wingmen in the Cleveland/Akron area? Have car, will travel.