My name is Kevin, I'm new to Delray Beach Florida and I'm looking for someone to "sarge" with. My buddy back home who seems to be having a lot of success because of these forums told me to do so. Today I was in a coffee shop and I walked up to this really cute girl named Anna Laura (who I met on the street walking once before) but from the start I forgot her name. I tried to throw in some inquiring or opening questions but I came off nervous like I sometime do. Other times I come off great, but I think it was because I had school and work on my mind. Anyway my friend said that basically I should forget about it because I did not demonstrate higher value than her. Does anybody have any suggestions. I really would like to get to know everyone and hopefully improve my game as well as those of others by finding people to learn from and people who can learn from me to go out with. Love to hear from you. Kevin :-)