Hey everyone. I've been coming to the PUA Forums for the past few weeks now, just trying to take in the information supplied. Here's my story.

I'm 23, going through a divorce right now, already separated. I was married young, and faithful to my wife from day one of officially dating until the day I moved my last item out of the house. Long story short, we fell into lust, not love. The sex held most of our relationship together. It was obvious after the first year that we wanted different things in life. She cheated on me during year one of our relationship. I was working a lot, she was lonely blah blah blah, no excuse. I let it go because it seemed to bring about a change in her that I never expected. Things improved in our relationship dramatically for awhile but eventually fell into a slump for both of us. Our sex life dropped from multiples a day to maybe 3 times a week. Arguments over any and everything. I realized that maybe I held some resentment towards her for some of the things that had happened in our relationship, at the same time I could tell she wanted to experience life on her own for awhile. She was three days over 18 when we got married.. After reflecting, It was to young, for us both. Before I met her I had several girlfriends. Had no problem picking up women, never Fclosed just because it was honestly the furthest thing from my mind. At that point it was just having a good time. And it also seemed that the more sex was prolonged the deeper the interest the girls would have in me,

Now, as mentioned I'm 23, and my life is kind of crazy. My ex and I are both ready for new experiences but I think want different things. Marriage has it's advantages in that I'm very experienced in bed now. I also think that I have a pretty tight Kino game. It's funny that even though I've been married for 3 years Ive never had problems with girls being interested in me. The down side is that idk if I still have my game or not. I never pursued a single girl that gave me a number. In some cases if they'd get ahold of mine I'd get late night texts, offers for flings, nude pics, you name it. But I stayed faithful as I should have. I have several girls showing interest now, but honestly I'm ready to start approaching women with no ties to my past relationship. A fresh start, and there in lies the problem..

I joined the forum to brush up on some good openers, approaches. Before I got married I had no fear and 9/10 would come out with a phone number which lead to dates and good times. Even with my wife it was completely natural, met one day, talked, ignored her for awhile until she sought me out and moved from there. My problem now is that ive not made moves or opened with approaching for 5 years (2 dating years and 3 years of marriage). And honestly imm nervous. Marriage has turned me soft, and now I care more about feelings than anything else. I'm ready to have a good time but it seems I'm going to have to relearn the old me. Another factor is that my wife was a 10. Period. Always getting hit on, always complimented and 99% of the time the hottest woman in the crowd. This has given me a very picky persona, and I don't want to settle with anything less than a HB9.

I hope I can bring some valuable input and insight to the table, and take away the same. I've settled in at my new residence in Lexington Ky, and will be going out this weekend to try opening. I'll keep everyone posted on how it's going. Thanks for the time,