Hi guys. I'm new here. Ive never looked at the PUA stuff until recently. But based on what I believe the REAL problem is in America, I thought I'd run a few things by you guys to get your comments.


Trying to meet and approach young women in the US often feels awkward and rude, as if you are violating some type of boundary. They prefer not to acknowledge your existence if you’re not in their clique. They are among the most cliquish, closed, and anti-stranger women in the world, and emanate an “unapproachable force field” around them. This anti-stranger force field/bubble says to men, "Don't mess with me. I'm unapproachable. I don't talk to strangers. If I don't know you, you have no business talking to me unless you are lost and need directions.” (Unless of course, you are or look like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt.). You can sense some kind of shield as if you are violating some type of boundary. If they find out that you are speaking to them for purposes other than asking directions, they suddenly get defensive, upset, and act as though you’ve violated their boundaries. Attempting to penetrate their bubble elicits a negative response which causes an energy drain on men that discourages them from trying again. That’s why most guys in the US don’t have the guts to approach women. It’s unnatural, creepish, anxiety-provoking, discouraging and usually leads to no real result.What many guys, especially the ones involved in the PUA (Pick Up Artist) movement don't understand about the fear of approaching women is that the reason they are afraid is not because they lack guts. It's because they can sense that the girls they want to meet do NOT want to be approached, so that to do so would be rude and violating. Not to say that there are no friendly women in America, but there is definitely something peculiar that makes them and Americans in general unnaturally closed and paranoid. So the main problem is that they won’t meet you if they don’t know you, but yet you can’t get to know them cause they won’t meet you, thus creating a CLOSED LOOP against someone who wants to meet them. And that just plain sucks, to put it simply.

In fact, it’s widely agreed among well-traveled playboys that the US has among the most unapproachable and anti-social women in the world.

The Pick up Artist movement in America

The existence of the pick up artist industry in America really proves our point about America being one of the worst dating environments for men in the entire world. How does it prove our point you may ask? Well, think about this. While the pick up artist industry may be thriving in the US, it’s simply unheard of in other countries. I challenge you to find another country where men pay seduction or pick up artist gurus to teach them how to meet women. You can't, cause in doesn’t exist outside the US. They’re not needed because in other countries the process of interacting with and meeting woman flows more naturally. It’s not F’ed up like in the US. The guys who pay for these services never never stop to ask the obvious question: "Why doesn't this industry exist in other countries too?" Think about it, why would such a natural thing like male/female courtship need to be reduced to a "technique" or "science" as though it were a difficult subject that needed to be "mastered"? The obvious answer is that there are numerous reasons for this which I discuss in other parts of this article and in our research section. Its because of the unique characteristics of the average American woman (mainly the infection of feminism) combined with the severe gender imbalances in America that gives woman in the US the upper hand. The US dating scene is simply a very hostile environment for the average single male. To ad insult to injury, most guys don’t even realize it because they’ve never known any better. They’ve never travelled and dated abroad to see how much easier woman are to meet and to see how much easier the whole dating process flows. In other countries, it's just like you see in the movies - boy meets girl, they flirt, hold hands, say "I like you" to each other, then kiss and so forth. It's completely natural and effortless.

The main problem of the PUA thing is that they tell you there is a cookie cutter formula (Mystery's Model) and that if you master it, you will be a master of picking up chicks. They fail to recognize that the problem lies with the dating environment.

One thing about the whole pick up artist industry is that they teach you how to NOT BE YOURSELF! Trying to be something that you're not all day eventually leads to psychological imbalance and mental dysfunction. Not a good thing. Any man who has dated overseas will tell you what we are telling you. The problem is not you, it’s your dating environment (aka America). Its all about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION! Gentlemen, it’s great environments, not great men that create great woman and great results.