Hey guys,

As Style wrote about first getting into the game, "To go before them was to stand up as a man and admit that I was only half a man." Signing up here and introducing myself, I am admitting this to you.

I am an engineer, always studied hard, believing that eventually girls "grow out" of having to be picked up, that keeping my head down and "being myself" will eventually land me somewhere. I moved to the US a year ago and met the girl of my dreams. We hooked up, but then she dropped a bombshell: she is a virgin waiting for marriage. Every part of me was screaming to get out, but I stayed, for probably the most painful half a year of my life. I really had feelings for her, but eventually I left her. I tried to rationalize it, but there's really nothing to be said.

I had to put it behind me, and this was the only way forward. I started reading The Game, watching videos on youtube, lurking these forums. It's been some 4 months now, and I just turned 25 last week. Two nights ago it finally paid off. It all came together for the first time. Approached a group of 5, got approval from her friends, got her attention, isolated her, Kino, kiss-close, back to my place and f-close. No luck, just everything I read, everything I learned from you guys. Hey, I'm under no illusions here, I am still a complete beginner. I know nothing and I have everything to learn. But this is exactly the kind of confidence boost I needed. I'm not looking back any more, it only gets better from here.

I'm glad to be here,