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View Poll Results: would you buy a book that detailed how I fucked 211 girls before the age of 26?

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    Default I have slept with 211 girls and I'm still 25. Is that a lot?

    Until I spoke to people traveling round Europe in the summer or 2011 I didn’t realize that 211 girls was a lot. I just thought it was normal. Most of my male friends have had over 40 partners, I just thought it was the norm. Several guys round Europe wanted advice when number of sex partners came into conversation. The feedback I received from giving advice was nearly always positive and some even suggested I write a book. Despite being a massive complement and ego boost I thought nothing of it. It wasn’t till I got home and had guys on facebook chat constantly wanting advice that I thought of writing it all down.

    Oh one more thing. I am a total liar!

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