My purpose for joining was to be able to utilize the search function, instead of asking a lot of little questions that have already been answered. The purpose for this post is to not have my account deleted. Mission accomplished.

A little about me: 19 year old college sophomore. Sorta a big deal in high school. 3 sport athlete, 4.0 student, plenty of game, no inhibitions, dated the captain volleyball team, etc. Now I'm pretty much the definition of a has been: live in my parents basement, study math, play NCAA 12, drink cheap whiskey, etc. I'm 6'3" and weigh about 160 (skinny as f***, I'm well aware), although I've been putting on weight since I quit chewing and smoking about a month and a half ago (September 26, 2011). Fat chicks think I'm a 10, hot chicks think I'm a 5, so we'll go with a 7.5.

Reason for coming to the PUA forum: My openers are bad. Bad as in nonexistent. Unless I'm drunk at a party, I won't approach women. I have no problem maintaining conversations, but I never initiate. If a conversation does happen, I never Number Close. Ever. I always tell myself that the situation/amount of people around/length of conversation/weather/season/year aren't right to ask for a number.

My current predicament: How to get a number from the hairdresser? I feel it would be awkward to ask at her workplace with other people in the proximity.