My name is Jordan I'm from Portugal. About 4 years ago I use to belong to the pua community and I was in the Lisbon Lair. Eventually I left because I didn't like the pua's mentality and I still don't.

One of the reasons why I didn't like the pua community is because guys where just focused on picking up women. I know this is the main reason that you join but honestly there are far greater and more important things in life.

Even though now I have girlfriend and can get any girl that I want, it's just that it didn't bring me any kind of upper joy and happiness. Yeah sure it's great but it's just that.

Once I begin putting my mind on other thing such has my job, health and so on it was really when I started having real success.

Anyway I still enjoy reading about this subject, it has been one of my passion for many years. Although I don't agree with any type of pua guru that is teaching guys routines and sneaky tricks to get women into bed because you really don't need it. Getting women is all about becoming your best self and not about knowing everything you need to know in tricking women.

Thanks and nice to meet you all.