Hey guys,

My name is Connor and I am 21 years old. I'm currently in school and eventually hoping to get into Law School. I have never been considered a player or anything stereotypically negative like that. I also do not see myself like that, nor would I ever wish to be labeled as such. I try to be real with everyone and respectful to all, especially women. I've noticed that ladies are seemingly drawn to me without me even trying though. Please understand I'm not saying this to brag by any means. I just believe that by being real, being myself, and by always following common courtesy... ladies will pick up on that and will be drawn to you effortlessly. I get a lot of female attention but don't do hook-ups or flings and am primarily just focusing on my schooling. Figured I could add my two cents in every now and then to help a few of my fellow guys out though, hence why I'm here.

Don't really know what else to put here though sooooo yeah I'mma leave it at that. haha.

See ya round the forums!