Hello Guys!

So I've had some LTR (I'm 21) and I've just ended a 3-year relationship with a GREAT woman. Why? Because I was getting nowhere. We had an active sexual life, really banging, I even told her we should have a threesome with one of her female-friends and she said willingly yes.

Yeah, she was a hell of a woman, Though the point is,

During those 3 year I lost ALL my poor social skills I once had. And realized that if anything happened with our relationship, I'll be lacking of any other asset in my life.

Perhaps dumping her is just AFC morals, but hey, I am a nice guy after all. So, I've made up my mind and decided that if I'm going to hace a woman next to me, It'll be because I KNOW how to atract and seduce and no because of luck as it has been so far until now. I want to have sex with a new girl every week.

This Saturday morning I'm going to do The Newbie Mission and get myself in place.

So, that's it.

See you around, I'm looking forward to learn a lot and really become a PUA