Whats up guys, I figured I may as well introduce myself to the community. I'm a guy in my mid twenties, slightly above average intellect and I'm certainly interested in stepping up my game with women.

I have always been overweight, but for the most part carry my weight pretty well. My main downfall because of it though is that insecurity that is always there. Up until a few months ago I have just let it dominate me, and was even in a toxic 5 year relationship with a woman, who had most of the same issues, but is crazier then I am.

Recently I have been taking steps to get myself out of this funk, such as better posture, actually taking better care of myself, and imagine that, I have been loosing some of that weight and even feeling better. I think that I am still a fairly good looking guy, I catch quite a few IOIs, but most of the women that are interested in me are either too stupid or just too unattractive, and I'm just not that into them, so I guess I'm just a heartbreaker of 2's and 3's.

I'm here because I have never actually been in the dating scene because of some of the stuff mentioned before, so I guess I'm basically trying to learn my game, then worry about improving it. At least I have what most of my friends call my "fat man charisma", but very attractive women are like my kryptonite. I have made a few changes lately, for instance, if I find a women interesting and want to approach, I do it. If I want to make a move on a girl, I do it. The outcome doesn't matter to me so much anymore because I'm not getting laid anyway if I don't.

I really look forward to learning from this community, and wish you all the best. I'm off now to go make my first post because I'm in a pretty sticky situation right now.