Ill keep my name private but you can call me Theremix.

i'm from NY and more specifically long island.

i am here for the same reason as every body else to become a pick up artist and hopefully make some friends in here so we can pick up girls as a team and have fun with it.

I am not a compleye loser lol. I have had a hot girlfriend but i met her online it lasted 3 years two out of which were long distance. At the end of the third year i realized she was a psycho bitch. I just recently got ride of her because she refused to move out.

i've talked to girls and flirt with them but once i get the number i fark it up because i just get stuck in a stupid cycle n it never goes forward.

Knowlege is power. that's what i am here to get. I have already tried i few things that ive read on here and they seem to work.

and one more thing whenever i premeditate what i am going to say to a girl it could never come out when i need it to??? but when i don't think about prior to conversating with her things just flow out (which arent necessarily good).

So if u can relate or you can help PM me we'll make a great team.
fark grammatical errors lol